Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Esther Griffiths, Mischief, 2009
Acrylic and pencil on MDF board, 50 cm x 122.5 cm

Working on a larger scale is great fun (and for some reason seems to make it feel more important!). This latest series of works will be exhibited in November at APT, Whangarei. Details to follow.


PaisleyJade said...

Hi Esther! I didn't realise you had a blog - and also didn't realise how amazingly gifted you are. Love your work!! (x Kristy Drake)

FinEsse said...

Thanks Kirsty!! I'll make sure I send you guys an invite to our end-of-year exhibition. :)
God bless!

Mauricio Perez said...

Is very good!!!

Mauricio Perez

FinEsse said...

Thanks Mauricio! :)

Da Bomb said...

So cute :) Well done!

FinEsse said...

:) thanks for the encouragement Dan...! x